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10 базовых вещей любого гардероба

Очень люблю этого видеоблогера за позитив. Это одно из моих любимых ее видео. Здесь она делится своими 10 базовыми вещами в гардеробе. Я согласна на 100% с ее выбором, но никак не могу решиться на каблуки, например. И я бы добавила водолазку вместо майки, а вы?

Если вам лень смотреть видео, список такой:
1. A favorite tee - a high quality solid white tee is incredibly versatile. Great for layering and also equally great worn alone.

2. A flattering pair of jeans - flattering is the key word here. It doesn't matter if it's bootleg, skinny, or wide leg jeans, as long as it fits well.

3. A chic statement ring - a bold statement ring helps elevate even the most casual outfit.

4. An animal print scarf - this one is my favorite! A great leopard print scarf adds instant chic factor to any plain outfit.

5. A perfect black handbag - regardless of brands, a high quality medium to large size black handbag not only holds your stuff but will lasts for years.

6. A classic sleek pair of tall boots - I live in my tall boots in Fall/Winter! For me, this item is definitely an essential piece! To give it the timeless state, I look for boots that are clean with little embellishments such as buckle or zipper details.

7. A warm leather jacket - this item is more of my personal choice. Between wool and leather jackets, I find myself always grabbing my leather jacket. Also I find it easier to layer with a leather jacket as Fall/Winter rolls around.

8. A tailored blazer - the key point here is tailored. The shoulders to shoulders have to fit well. Boyfriend blazers, oversized blazers, etc. are great too, but a classic clean simple tailored blazer is a closet essential.

9. A pair of black pumps - again, regardless of brands, a high quality pair of leather almond-toe pumps are classic! It can be worn with virtually anything!

10. The Little Black Dress - our favorite LBD! A simple, figure-flattering black dress is timeless.

А у вас есть базовые вещи в гардеробе? Что-нибудь совпало?
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